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Whitedale are a team based in Weisdale, representing the West mainland of Shetland. Home games are played on Strom Park, backed by the raucous cheers of their four fans. The team plays in their traditional colours of orange and black, and are sponsored by local engineering and construction company Tulloch Developments Ltd.

After several lean years, culminating in Whitedale dropping out of the A league in 2006, Whitedale have been on the rise recently; mainly thanks to the enthusiastic management of Ivor Morrison, and current manager Martin Gibbs. Between the pair of them, they have overseen seven trophy wins since 2009, and ended 2013 as Madrid, Manson and Fraser cup winners, only missing out on a clean sweep of cups to a late goal in the County Shield final against Lerwick Spurs. Whitedale have also finished 2nd in the league for the past 2 seasons.

Light training is held from October – January, usually at the Aith leisure centre; with pre-season training beginning in February. In April the club will often embark on a pre-season trip to Orkney, which, for many, is the highlight of the season. Whitedale are still unbeaten on their travels south, although quite how that is possible, given the ‘merry’ state of the squad at 3am the night before the match, is anyone’s guess.

Whitedale have maintained the same squad for several years now, but will suffer this season from the loss of top scorer Richard Sinclair, who moved south to study; midfield warhorse Gary Tulloch, who has retired through injury; and defender Jordan Morrison, studying in New Zealand. Nevertheless, the team should be looking for another top three finish in the league, and also to add to their recent cup success.

The club has a strong first team squad, but their undoubted star is manager and Ian Holloway-clone Martin Gibbs. ‘Gibbsy’s man management and tactical nous have been integral to the team’s success, with his wise cracking banter an added extra. The jovial Bristolian lives and breathes football, and kicks every ball on the sidelines.

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Squad List

Duncan Anderson
Soren Anderson
Alex Arcus
Stuart Bain
Alan Bundy
Ross Coutts
Liam Davie
Piotr Drozdowski
Ewan Ellis
Tony Farquhar
Duncan Fraser
Kieran Fraser
Liam Graham
Gavin Hamilton
Gavin Hamilton
Scott Hodge
Ewan Inkster
Theo Inkster
Gregg Irvine
Mattie Isbister
Sam Jarmson
Allan Johnston
Darren Johnston
James knight
Finlay Leslie
Jonni Manson
Keith Manson
Thomas Marshall
Dave Mcdermott
Dave Mckenzie
Steven McLoed
Lorne Mcniven
Adrian Morrison
Joshua Morrison
James Riesse
Ali Scott
Bobby Scott
Gary Scott
Gregor Sinclair
Richard Sinclair
Joss Tait
Joe Thomson
Ethan Tulloch
Greg Tulloch
Charlie Unsworth
Jack Uren
Joe Wadley
Sean Walterson
Stewart Walterson
David Williamson
David Wiseman
Jordan Young

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