Shetland FC v Golspie Sutherland 2014

Shetland FC v Golspie Sutherland

“The Dammies”, Naver Park Dale Road, Thurso KW14 7QA

Kick off at 14.00 on Saturday 29/03/2014

Shetland FC are travelling south once more to play in the North Caledonian League’s ‘Jock Mackay Memorial Cup’. In this semi-final they will play Golspie Sutherland FC.

This follows an opening round victory against Sutherland United in February. Before Christmas, they were ejected from another competition by Golspie Sutherland, suffering a 3-2 defeat.

Now in their second cup competition, a win over Golspie Sutherland on Saturday will see Shetland progress to the cup final. The fixture is once again being played at the home ground of Thurso FC – an arrangement that allows Shetland to compete on a national level.

Shetland’s Manager, Niall Bristow, is taking charge of this game, and believes that the Shetland team has what it takes.

The team to face Sutherland United will be:

  • Erik Peterson (Ness)
  • Ian Devnell (Delting)
  • Josie Kay (Spurs)
  • Duncan Fraser (Whitedale)
  • Joe Bradley (Celtic)
  • Calvin Leask (Thistle)
  • Leighton flaws (Delting)
  • James Johnston (Spurs)
  • Jordan Webb (Spurs)
  • Scott Henderson (Scalloway)
  • Steven Umphray (Scalloway)
  • Dominic Mann ( Lerwick Spurs)
  • Sam Ward (Lerwick Spurs)
  • Shayne Jamieson (Spurs)
  • James Farmer (Ness)

Shetland were accepted into the North Caledonian League in 2013. The Shetland Football Association decided to enter two of the cups – one held before Christmas and one after.

In similar fashion to Orkney and the Western Isles, Shetland do not enter the league and play only cup competitions because of the travelling and costs associated with getting to games.

Two players are new to this 15 man squad – Dominic Mann and Sam Ward

BRISTOW – “The squad is mainly similar to what we’ve been using over winter. We have a very tight knit group of players. We’re going to bring in Dominic Mann – he’s been training well and is a useful player. He actually plays a type of football, holding the ball up, that we may well need to use.”

Sam Ward is another coming in for the first time – and will be another great asset – but other than that it’s a very similar and experienced squad.”

Bristow says that the recent defeat to Golspie could work in Shetland’s favour this time around.

BRISTOW – “Golspie Sutherland beat us in the last tournament, but that means they are not such an unknown for us this time around. We’re quietly confident I would say. We’ve found that the teams in this league play in quite a similar fashion – and we’re getting used to that style.”

We kind of shot ourselves in the foot with the last game, so we’re desperate to cut those errors out and hopefully that will give us an edge.”

However, Golspie Sutherland won’t be without their difficulties. Bristow explains their style.

BRISTOW – “It’s really quite physical – without being too disrespectful, there’s not a great deal of football. Golspie Sutherland have a very clever striker – he’s not mobile, but he holds the ball up brilliantly, which isn’t a common thing for Shetlanders to play against. They get the ball early and play off of him –so that’s a challenge for our centre backs.”

He also hopes that lessons have been learned from the previous encounter…

BRISTOW – “Last time we conceded 3 goals from set pieces, so we’re keen to cut that out. We certainly work on that – positioning and marking – but set pieces change really quickly when the ball gets into your box. The thing I really try to get home to the boys is concentration – if you switch off for a split second, you can get hurt in a way that doesn’t happen when playing domestic football in Shetland.”

Another attribute being worked on is squad fitness – and Bristow says it’s paying off.

BRISTOW – “What’s been really impressing me over the past few weeks has been fitness levels. We look sharper, and we’re far fitter than we were in October. In training recently we’ve been doing some tough physical sessions, and they look pretty good, so fitness isn’t going to be a problem for us. I think playing south gives Shetland players that incentive to keep fit. The park on Saturday will be heavy, and the boys have put a shift in to be ready for that.”

Success on Saturday will of course see Shetland through to a cup final – with some interesting potential opposition…

BRISTOW – “IF we reach the final, we’ll be facing either Clachnacuddin FC or Orkney. We’ve got to think about ourselves of course – and we’d be delighted to get to the final regardless. However, Orkney is an added incentive, but people who know me will know I’m a cautious type of person when it comes to football, and I’m certainly not counting any chickens. Golspie will be hard to beat. If we play what we’re capable of though, I’m pretty hopeful we’ll get there.”

Bristow would also like to thank local company Alec Morrisions for their sponsorship of this trip.

BRISTOW – “It’s been a great thing for Shetland football – I know the boys have really enjoyed it –and we’re raising the profile not just of Shetland football, but of the whole of Shetland. The boys have been a credit when they’re away and fantastically well behaved. We’re really grateful to companies and individuals who help us out – Sponsorship is a big factor, as in this day and age everything costs and we couldn’t manage without it. It’s a massive boost for us, and we’d like to thank them for doing that.”



For more information contact:

Daniel Lawson – 07765560695

: Shetland FC v Golslpie Sutherland

: “The Dammies”, Naver Park Dale Road, Thurso KW14 7QA

: Kick off at 14.00 on Saturday 29/03/2014