Shetland Football Association (SFA) are delighted to announce that our long-term supporter and sponsor Ocean Kinetics have become the single sponsor of our 2019 celebrations as well as the Premier League.

The local and international engineering business serving the energy, renewables, marine, power & utilities, aquaculture and decommissioning sectors have long been a great supporter of Shetland Football Association.

Magnus Flaws, President of the SFA said “much of what we plan in celebration of the Association’s 100th year is, we feel, exciting and will certainly drag many a footballer and supporter down memory lane. We also hope that putting one of the biggest participation sports in the public eye throughout the year in such a fashion will help us perhaps entice supporters, ex-players, new players, and most importantly volunteers to the sport and our leagues.

Football has always drawn great interest in Shetland and although many may say and feel it is not what it once was it is not that long ago one of the largest crowds ever seen at a sporting event in Shetland was at Gilberston Park to witness a glorious occasion in 2005.

Around 18 months ago the committee of the SFA decided that the celebrations to mark 100 years of senior football under the organisation of Shetland Football should be special and could also be a chance to enhance the popularity of the sport in Shetland. Without the valuable and much valued assistance of a local business such as Ocean Kinetics we simply couldn’t do that.”

They support us, please support them.