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Ness United were born out of a desire by the teams competing in the Southern league to field a team in the Shetland Football Association competitions. In 1952 the year after the southern league was formed, the team was picked by a team of selectors from the Southern League teams and the manager was also appointed by the selectors.

Ness had their most successful team and year to date in 1966, as England conquered the world in the FIFA world cup, Ness United dominated the domestic scene at home in Shetland winning the Mackeson Cup, Whitbread Cup, Madrid Cup, County Shield and the Fraser Cup.

As time went by and for various reasons they have failed to build on this success. A good blend of youth and experience in the 1990’s saw them challenged for the league on a couple of occasions but Senior honours have been scare on the ground. However over the years their players have made valuable contributions to the Shetland Senior Squad.

Whilst the senior scene has been short on glory, Ness have had a lot of success in their Junior ranks and Ness have provided many players to represent the Shetland Junior Inter-County Squad. Ness now have junior teams at every age group from under 7’s to under 18’s enjoying great success particularly since 2002

Ness have had a strong committee in recent years and they now compete in all three of the senior football leagues in Shetland. It is hoped that the new impetus will push Ness back to the top of the Footballing tree where they belong.

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Squad List

Declan Adamson
Shaun Adamson
Leighton Anderson
Dylan Black
Ian Bray
Joe Casey
Lewis Colvin
Stuart Copland
Kern Duncan
James Farmer
Stuart Farmer
Danny Finnie
Danny Finnie
Duncan Flaws
Kieran Flaws
Kieran Flaws
Liam Flaws
Dan Forsyth
Iain Goodlad
Aidan Grogan
Martin Henderson
Callum Isbister
Kieran Jamieson
Ryan Johnston
Ryan Keddie
Connor Laverty
Dylan Leishman
Jamie Leishman
Jamie Leishman
Duncan Leslie
Kyle Malcolmson
Craig Mann
Kevin Manson
Stuart Manson
John Mcdairmaid
Rob Mcdairmaid
Dylan Morrish
Stuart Mouat
Sean Nicol
Edward Oldbury
Erik Peterson
Erik Peterson
Glyn Robertson
John Rosie
Thomas Sinclair
Aaron Smith
Luke Smith
Sean Smith
Sean Smith
Steven Smith
Tomas Smith
Lewis Tait
David Thomson
Harry Thomson
Nethan Watson
Jamie Wilson


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