Football Fixtures Beginning to Take Shape

With the Shetland football season fast approaching once again, the SFA fixture secretaries have been busy generating this year’s fixture lists and the final drafts are due to be released in the very near future. With several referees stepping down from their posts and uncertainty over which of Shetland’s pitches are going to be available this season, the secretaries have had an understandably difficult couple of weeks but the final touches are currently being made.

The A League comprises the same 8 teams that competed last year with Lerwick Spurs, Lerwick Thistle, Whitedale, Whalsay, Delting, Scalloway and Ness all looking to dethrone league holders Lerwick Celtic. These teams will be also competing for the usual 5 cup trophies; the Highland Fuels Cup, the Simpson & Ward Madrid Cup, the Simpson & Ward Manson Cup, the H Williamson & Sons Fraser Cup and the GTS County Shield.

The draw for the first of these cups, the Highland Fuels Cup, has been made and is as follows (all ties scheduled for Harbison Park);

Highland Fuels Cup

Quarter Final 1 – Ness v Celtic (Monday 4th April – 7pm)

Quarter Final 2 – Whitedale v Spurs (Friday 8th April – 7pm)

Quarter Final 3 – Thistle v Scalloway (Monday 11th April – 7pm)

Quarter Final 4 – Whalsay v Delting (Tuesday 12th April – 7pm)

Semi Final 1 – Ness/Celtic v Whitedale/Spurs (Thursday 14th April – 7pm)

Semi Final 2 – Thistle/Scalloway v Whalsay/Delting (Friday 15th April – 7pm)

Final (Monday 18th April – 7pm)

The rest of the A’s cups are due to be drawn at the next SFA monthly meeting on the 7th of April and the league fixtures will be released soon.

The B League only contains 8 teams this season after Whitedale Reserves were forced to pull out as they were only able to commit to cup competitions this year. Spurs Reserves, Thistle Reserves, Celtic Reserves, Delting Reserves, Scalloway Reserves, Ness Reserves, Whalsay Reserves and North Isles FC will all battle for the Mind Your Head Reserve League.

The two reserve cups, the Bloomfield Cup and the Joint Cup, have been drawn and the first round ties are as follows (dates yet to be confirmed);

Bloomfield Cup

Preliminary Round – Whitedale Reserves v Whalsay Reserves

Quarter Final 1 – Scalloway Reserves v Celtic Reserves

Quarter Final 2 – Delting Reserves v Thistle Reserves

Quarter Final 3 – Spurs Reserves v Ness Reserves

Quarter Final 4 – North Isles FC v Whitedale Reserves/Whalsay Reserves

Joint Cup

Preliminary Round – Thistle Reserves v Baroc Revolution

1st Round 1 – Ness Reserves v West Side Rebels

1st Round 2 – Whitedale Reserves v Delting Reserves

1st Round 3 – Tizers v North Isles FC

1st Round 4 – Spurs Reserves v Ness C

1st Round 5 – Scalloway Reserves v Celtic Reserves

1st Round 6 – Whalsay Reserves v Banks

1st Round 7 – West Linga Ramblers v Bressay

1st Round 8 – Services v Thistle Reserves/Baroc Revolution

As aforementioned, news on league fixtures will be released in due course and the fixtures and results sections on this website will be updated throughout the season.