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Delting FC were formed in 1970, when a set of orange tops and some white shorts were secured in order for the club to enter the Parish Cup. Success in the early days was very limited, but with an enthusiastic and committed community of players, Delting entered the Viking League in 1982 and so began the more organised weekly league and cup format for the club. In 1983, Delting secured its first senior trophy, winning the Challenge Cup.

Following the amalgamation of the Viking League and the SFA, Delting FC accepted a place in the ‘Reserve League’ in 1987 and gained promotion to the top flight following a fantastic season, where the team lost the league in a play-off to Celtic. Delting were beginning to establish themselves as a strong ‘A League’ side and announced themselves with success in the shape of the Madrid Cup in 1992 – the team’s first Association silverware. Their first Parish Cup soon followed in 1993, the first of 14 to date, with the Delts beginning to thrive.

A number of Association trophies followed, including the Fraser Cup in 1994. The wait for an ‘A’ League title was finally ended in 1999 when the club defeated Lerwick Thistle in a play-off at the Gilbertson Park. This win marked the beginning of a ‘golden’ period for Delting FC, with a strong nucleus of players beginning to break into the ‘A’ team. During the early part of the 2000’s, Delting were the dominant club in Shetland football, putting together a historic run of ‘7-league titles-a-row’ between 2002-08.

The club have seen success across a range of competitions over the years, with the ‘A’ team winning 8 Association ‘League’ Titles, 7 Fraser Cups, 4 Manson Cups, 5 Madrid Cups and 4 County Shields to add to the 14 Parish Cup wins.

The club currently boast teams competing at every level from Under 9’s up to the Senior A Team.

Sponsor of the Delting A team:

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Squad List

Lee Balfour
Robert Balfour
Martin Binns
Martin Binns
Danny Carter
Callum Clark
Shaun Clark
Iain Devonald
Ross Donaldson
Luke Fillingham
Luke Fillingham
Leighton Flaws
Rhys Giblin
Fraser Hall
Neil Hay
Stuart Hay
John Hughson
Aidan Hunter
Greig Jamieson
Iain Jamieson
Lee Jamieson
Ross Jamieson
Craig Jarvie
Craig Johnson
Peter Johnson
Rory Kavanagh
Stuart Lavender
Cameron Macdonald
Finnley Manson
Shaun Manson
Joshua Mccoll
Ross McDougall
Aron Mcgregor
Dylan Mckay
Peter McLachlan
Alasdair Mcpherson
Jack Murphy
Mark Odie
Danny Peterson
Peter Peterson
Alistair Pottinger
Colin Risbridger
Matthew Saunders
Jamie Sim
Alan Smith
Gary Sutherland
Liam Sutherland
Ryan Sutherland
Joe Tait
Connor Taylor
Reece Thorne
Zeuf Vessey
Alister Williamson

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